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Toolbox now checks some specific community habits concerning name resolution and adjusts which resolution protocol is used first, network DNS or Crestron Discovery.

System - Erase dialog, swapped posture of Inside and compact flash radio buttons to get exact as principal dialog.

Loads via Method Builder and D3Pro don't use this normal dialog and as a consequence will always try and load 16-amount fonts In case the panel supports them, regardless of the condition of this Verify box. To specify this setting in scripting see the command ability_functions_DisplayListSetSpecialLoadBehavior. Also note that some types of touch panels Use a command to disable 16-level font aid wchich if completed, will override any Toolbox location and forestall the 16-stage fonts from loading. See the release notes of the most recent FW in your Contact Panel for information.

MeshnetMaster dialog - overlook faults from TSID parse reposnse potential code. If reconnect msgs are available in we display lots of errors. We must always just disregard.

Additional CustomClientFiles ability group to permit tailor made documents for being included in a tool's configuration. Configurations at the moment are zip files and can contain numerous information.

Basic GUI - Preset bug in Firmware dialog the place past selected file could get corrupted and so induce the dialog not to occur up any longer.

Correct for difficulty the place some configuration alterations aren't reflected while in the Resource without having restarting the Resource

Adjusted TPSB/G Display record load method to usually delete manifest from inner and CF before starting transfers. Then usually ship the manifest as the last file to each inner and CF to be sure it is usually up to date.

Read through-only usage of ethernet parameters on TPMC collection panels. Ought to even now be established by means of Setup pages to the panel.

Taken off pop-up error message box when validate known as when no address is set. This occurs at times in Procedure Builder from the composers.

Set serial communications where by they could get stuck. At times (following large flows of knowledge?) the concept handler might be flooded with messages telling it data was Completely ready. Now when we Prepared data with the port, we fluch any remaining "Information Prepared" messages.

Set bug with sending substantial programs using defaults for parts parameter as a consequence of not adequately defaulting to all elements in one percentage of code. Would cause "Not ample inside flash memory" error since it wasn't Given that it could delete the current program.

When naming addresses inside the handle guide, do not start out Individuals names with "tcp", "ssl", "usb" or "rs232" as these although they can operate for immediate connections will likely not here operate properly if used in oblique connections.

Added checks in ParentRequestPassTo to prevent a crash if called with a session that has a immediate address.

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